A recent study shows that Women car buyers now account for almost half the purchasers. That means there area nearly 10 million female car owners in the UK at this time. This signifies a big increase since the last time the government released this data 2 decades ago. At that point female car owners where estimated at 5.8 million.

Could it be that women are finding the charming Hamilton (Top Gear) and his colleagues popular recommendations helpful? Then again it could just be that with the internet it is not as scary to do your own research and make a considered decision.

Either way, we have at Charmrace noticed an increase in local women who frequent the garage, something we take great pride in. We are always happy to help, be it a woman, man or first time car owner. We always want you to feel safe in our services no matter what your knowledge of cars may be.

So why not pop in to our garage next time you have a problem or just need your MOT renewed.