Kerbed your alloy wheels? Need to sell your vehicle or return it back to the manufacturer with the wheels in their original state? Don’t sweat, we have you covered here at Charmrace!

Alloy wheels are an important addition to enhance the appearance of a car. Keeping them in great condition maintains your cars original appeal and also holds its value. Refurbishing your alloy wheels avoids the extra high costs you will have to pay when handing back your vehicle to the manufacturer once your finance agreement has ended. Our alloy wheel repair service can match any colour or finish to suit the requirements of your vehicles specification. From diamond-cut, to matte finish or even any custom colours – we are able to bring your alloy wheels back to life and looking brand new. Please note, depending on the size of the alloy wheel, the cost of refurbishment does vary so please feel free to call us today on 0208 446 6319 to get a quote!