So you’ve found a car that you love, but you’re thinking “there’s just that something missing”. We can help with that! Here at Charmrace, we offer a variety of car customisation services that will ensure your car is turning heads everywhere you go. From upholstery and interior customisation, to alloy wheels, we are able to transform your vehicle into anything you desire.

We engage the customer from the start to grasp the key focal points and ensure the requirements envisaged are met to the highest standards and far exceed the client’s expectations.

When customising a vehicle, it is important to note that the desired customisation has to be safe and compliant to the vehicles specification. In a small number of cases, we will sometimes advise against the customer’s wishes on the basis of health and safety, and in these instances will provide alternative options that will not compromise the safety of you or your vehicle.

  • Window & Lamp Unit Tinting
  • Exhaust System Customisation
  • Bodywork Colour Coding i.e. Wheel Arch Trims, Sideskirts etc.
  • Upholstery and Interior Customisation
  • Sports Suspension
  • Parking Sensors Installation
  • Allow Wheel Customisation & Refurbishment

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