Batteries & Tyres

Charmrace is an independent battery and tyre specialist. We offer a free inspection and testing of batteries and tyres, and can save you a significant amount of money on these expensive parts.


You need to be able to ensure that your vehicle will start every time, especially in cold and damp weather. This type of weather can play havoc with your battery, as your vehicle’s electrical system must work harder to start your vehicle in colder weather. Not only that, but colder weather can adversely affect the chemical process inside your battery, reducing its ability to hold a charge.

Charmrace’s battery service ensures that you get a quality battery product without having to pay more than you can afford.

Tyres of All Types

We stock all of the big brand tyre names and can save you up to 40% on your tyre purchase. Some of the tyre brands we fit include:

–        Pirelli

–        Bridgestone

–        Dunlop

–        Continental

–        Goodyear

–        Toyo

–        Michelin

Contact us today for your free tyre purchase and fitting estimate.

Wheel Cleaning and Grinding

Are your wheels not looking as attractive as they used to? Charmrace offers wheel cleaning and grinding services to keep your wheels looking and performing at their optimal level. Not sure what wheel service you need? Just call us to speak with one of our wheel specialists.

We also offer a 3-year, no quibble guarantee on all the battery and tyre work we perform. We look forward to hearing from you; call us on 020 8446 6319 today!