Air Conditioning

If your vehicle is like most, it has been fitted with an air conditioning and some type of climate control system. If you want to stay cool this summer season, it’s important to realise that your vehicle’s air conditioning system needs regular attention like its other parts.  Charmrace has the facts to help you get the best from your system.

Should You Worry about Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System?

Many motorists don’t think that a non-working air condition system is anything to worry about. But the truth is that over time, your vehicle’s air conditioning system will lose refrigerant due to the fact that it will permeate the physical joins on components. If left un-repaired, your air conditioning system will not only lose performance, but continued operation with low levels of refrigerant can cause more serious issues like hindered circulation of lubricant and internal corrosion due to the entering of moisture or air into the system.

A Bad Air Conditioning System Can Affect Overall Vehicle Performance

In addition to the trouble a non-working air conditioning system can have on itself, there can also be consequences for the rest of your vehicle. For example, you may notice that your vehicle’s fuel economy has become poorer. This is often due to the fact that the compressor must remain engaged in order to continue to produce low temperatures.

Don’t Wait

Charmrace can fix your air conditioning, as well as perform a leak test and visual inspection. Book your check and service on the BOOKING PAGE using the A/C service tab.