If your vehicle is like most, it will have been fitted with an air conditioning system and/or a climate control system. In order to stay cool in the summer months, it is important to note that your vehicles air conditioning system requires regular attention and maintenance just like all other vehicle parts. Well-maintained air conditioning equipment will stay running at peak performance and keep your vehicles fuel economy down.

Should I Worry about My Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System?

Many motorists believe that a non-working air conditioning system is nothing to worry about. Contrary to this, over time your vehicle’s AC system will lose refrigerant due to the fact that it will permeate the physical joins on components. If left unseen to, your AC system will not only lose performance, but continued operation with low refrigerant levels can cause serious problems such as hindered circulation of lubricant and internal corrosion due to the entering of moisture or air into the system.

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