Wheel alignment is one of the most crucial maintenance tasks. If your wheels are misaligned, your vehicle will experience a dramatic drop in handling capability. It’ll constantly pull in one direction, which can greatly inhibit its ability to turn or move in a straight line.

When the wheels of a car or van are properly aligned with each other, it maximises the running efficiency and reduces wear on the tyres. If, for example, you notice that one or more of the tyres on your vehicle are wearing unevenly, with one side of the tread showing much more wear than the other, the cause of this usually means that the wheel alignment is out of sync which makes it absolutely necessary to carry out a geometry test.

Neglecting this checkpoint could lead to dangerous issues including:

  • Constantly moving the steering wheel to keep your vehicle travelling in a straight line
  • Vehicle pulling to one side whilst driving on the road
  • Poor steering performance and handling
  • Vibration on the steering wheel

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